About Us

TriMāori Charitable Trust was established in 2012. Our aim is to create events that promote health and well-being and encourage Māori participation, however our events are inclusive of all peoples, individuals, whānau/families and communities. 

Co-founders of TriMāori are husband and wife, Tama Potaka and Ariana Paul. Ariana is also a trustee alongside Glenda Raumati and Phil Nock. The Trust are fortunate to have many people involved with helping to plan, organise and implement our events including wonderful whānau members, volunteers, sponsors, councils, government agents and service providers. 

The TriMāori Logo is a representation of our purpose which is  all about whānau hauora.  The koru design represents  strength and growth of whānau and individuals. The three angles represent each of the disciplines within triathlon, i.e. swim, bike, run – all of which require stamina, determination and focus. The curved sides each represent the awa, the whenua and whānau which are the connecting elements that are critical to keeping everything together.